What's on this summer in Brittany

Exhibitions we recommend in Brittany this summer:

Maurice Denis, les chemins de la nature: Domaine de la Roche Jagu until 1 October. Nature plays a major role in the work of this pupil of Sérusier, Bonnard and Vuillard. Nature is both recognisable and wonderfully stylised. The hundred or so works on show, some of which are being exhibited for the first time, are a feast for the senses and emotions. La Roche Jagu and its 30-hectare park, labelled an "eco-garden", is the perfect place to discover the work of Maurice Denis, founder of the Nabis group.

Mémoire du geste: At the Musée Mathurin Méheut in Lamballe until September 30. A witness to his time and aware of the changes taking place, Méheut took an early interest in the work of craftsmen. Charcoal-makers, potters, stone-cutters, tanners... perpetuate the memory of ancestral gestures under his nervous touch. As a counterpoint, observe the fertility with which new creators seize upon these skills and renew them with brio. Nearly a century apart, it's a unique and fascinating dialogue that's not to be missed!

Un collectionneur sur les traces des peintres en Bretagne: at the Musée du Faouët until 17 September. How about an original pictorial journey along the Breton coast? It's a journey based on the favourites of H.P.M., whose collection of paintings, patiently assembled over more than 20 years, takes pride of place this season on the walls of the former Ursuline convent. You won't know anything about the man. Of the collector, you'll notice his taste for seascapes, scenes of life and his love of colour. In a hundred or so works and some 60 painters, you will criss-cross the coastline. All the main pictorial centres are represented, painting a remarkable picture of the art of this period.

Denis - Méheut - Clouard