Fernand Le Gout-Gérard ( - )

Fernand Le Gout-Gérard

A pupil at Saint-Lô College, he became a tax collector, like his father, an authorised agent of the Manche General Treasury. But at the age of 33, he decided to give up his profession for painting. He discovered Concarneau around 1890 and returned there for over forty years. A member of the Société nationale des Beaux-Arts and the Pastel Society in London, he was appointed painter to the Navy in 1900.

He settled permanently in Concarneau in 1903, and his house, the famous Villa Ty Ker Moor, became a meeting place for Concarneau painters. He painted markets, fairs, fishing returns. A painter of silhouettes, he sketched women in headdresses and children. He is the favourite painter of lovers of everyday life and picturesque scenes. The artist represents Brittany a lot. He is now one of the best known painters of the Concarneau group.

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