Jean Lachaud ( - )

Jean Lachaud is a painter, engraver and ceramist based in Brittany. He studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris and then at the Académie Julian.

His first woodcuts were exhibited in 1921 at the Salon d'automne in Paris. In 1923, he produced his first ceramics at the Henriot faience factory in Quimper. In 1934, he created the Union artistique de Quimper. He became a member of the Salon d'Automne in Paris and the Salon de l'Art Français Indépendant.

In 1936 he was appointed curator of the Brest Museum of Fine Arts, where he organised the rescue of the collections at the beginning of the Second World War. He was also appointed director of the Brest School of Fine Arts in 1936 and ended his career as a teacher and curator in 1952.

Painter, engraver, ceramist, decorator, he expressed himself in all media: oil, watercolour, gouache, wood engraving, quick sketches, enhanced or not with colours and with a great variety of subjects: seascapes, portraits, bouquets and still lifes, landscapes, scenes of daily life.

He decorated many hotels, from furniture to tableware, from linen to glassware. He is notably the creator for the "Relais Saint Corentin" restaurant in Quimper, of the earthenware bearing the cut fish mark, known as the "Saint Corentin fish" mark, the production of which was entrusted to the La Hubaudière factory (HB).

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