Sale of Jean Fréour's workshop

The sale of the studio of the sculptor Jean Fréour (1919-2010), on Tuesday 30 July, was sold out in Batz-sur-Mer. It was in an overheated atmosphere that the sale started half an hour late, as the room unfortunately could not accommodate all the sculptor's fans. It took no less than eight hours to disperse 224 lots, as the bids were so high. Never before seen! To give you an idea, a classic sale is done at a rate of 80 to 90 numbers per hour. Here, it took more than twice as much for Maître Cosquéric to complete the sale. Of course, there were many records. The tone was set with lot No. 5, the blue schist Gitane, which fetched €12,152 including costs. Then at No. 22 the statue "Ar men" representing a woman's back appearing in a block of onyx went for €15,500, again with costs. Anne of Brittany at N° 39 attracted all the covetousness and reached 29.760 €. To afford "le mystère", a beautiful marble sculpture by Fiésol at No. 67, one needed €26,040. Even the small earthenware pieces (one-offs) estimated at €120 to €150 were worth no less than €3,348. What can we say about certain studio plasters which went for N° 102 two virgins at € 1,550, N° 179 the oyster washers of Cancale at € 5,208 and N° 182 a woman in bed at € 2,232. This is what we call a good sale!

Jean Fréour catalogue