New book by André Cariou "l'or brun des faucheurs de la mer" (The brown gold of the sea reapers)

André Cariou, former curator of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Quimper, has just published a new book on the theme of seaweed harvesters, "l'or brun des faucheurs de la mer" (The brown gold of sea reapers), published by Coop Breizh.

The seaweed fields between Quiberon in the south and the Emerald Coast in the north are exceptional. They have enabled a variety of practices and uses, which have expanded with the production of iodine and the use of fertilizer. From the years of Romanticism to those of abstraction, many painters have found inspiration in this theme.

This book is a vibrant tribute to the "harvesters of the sea", accompanied by a rich iconography of over one hundred and twenty artists celebrating the diversity of artistic creation in Brittany.

We warmly recommend this book if, like us, you love Breton painting.

On sale at the boutique. Price €39

« L’or brun des faucheurs de la mer » par André Cariou