Exhibition: Geo-Fourier Traveller and Master of Decorative Arts

Since March 22 and until July 16, 2022, Georges Géo-Fourrier is honored at the Forney Library in Paris.

Géo-Fourrier is a virtuoso artist who distinguished himself in the first two thirds of the twentieth century by wood engraving, the art of stencil, drawing, photography, ceramics ... True master of decorative arts, influenced by Japan, he is distinguished by his art of detail and the incisive purity of his line. He finds his inspiration during his travels and in Brittany, his adopted region.

The Forney Library is exhibiting nearly two hundred works: engravings, drawings, pastels, gouaches, illustrated books, stencils, postcards, ceramics, tableware, textiles..., and also correspondence, advertisements and photographs.

Closed: Saturday April 16, Thursday May 26, Saturday June 4 and Thursday July 14.

Bibliothèque Forney 1, rue du Figuier 75004 Paris