The news of Bretagne Ancienne and Breton arts

Terres sacrées

Excellent and very complete book on Quimper faience virgins and saints by Antoine Maigné. An indispensable tool for collectors!

Article on Didier Gouin and Breton art in La Baule Privilège

"A specialist in Breton heritage for more than 30 years and a precursor of a growing trend, he is convinced that the more European we become, the more we will need to go in search of our roots (...

Book on Anna Quinquaud.

Explorer and sculptor of the 1930s. This is finally a beautiful tribute to this woman who embodied classical modernity so well and gave sculpture its share of grandeur.

Article on the "Seiz-Breur"

Article on the "Seiz-Breur" (seven brothers) movement in Brittany, following the July 2014 sale of the Breton soul.