Victor Roussin ( - )

Victor Roussin painted all his life with love and realism Brittany and its peasants. A pupil of Lapito and Evariste Luminais, he was a lawyer, director of the Domains, deputy of Finistère and married the adopted daughter of General Cambronne. Born in Quimper, he took up residence at the Château de Kéraval, in Plomelin, where he died in 1903.

In his work, we can see a real ethnographic concern and a great tenderness for those whose lives, customs and dramas he liked to record. "The wedding of Corentin Le Guerveur and Anne-Marie Kérinvel" is his best known painting (Musée de Quimper). It represents with great precision a wedding in Cornwall, with its rich costumes, famous for their colours and embroidery.

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