Jean Pégot-Ogier ( - )

Jean Pégot-Ogier

Jean Pégot-Ogier is a French painter, decorator, illustrator, journalist and art critic. Born in 1877 in Salamanca (Spain), Jean Pégot-Ogier came to live in Hennebont from 1886, at the Château de Bellevue, which had become the family property. While enjoying the artistic atmosphere that his father, a writer, photographer and painter, created, he studied at the Lycée de Lorient. His father died in 1895, which forced him to start working. Self-taught in painting, he trained with the painters of Concarneau from 1897-1898. His mother died a few years later, leaving him an orphan at 25.

Around 1904, he no longer shared the ideas of the Concarneau school and abandoned the stereotypical clichés of Brittany. In 1905, he married a musician, Miss Ross, whom he had met in Moëlan. He divided his time between Hennebont and Paris. In 1909 he moved to Paris and contributed to the newspaper "Le Breton de Paris" and the magazine "Gil Blas". He joined the cultural and political movements "les Bleus de Bretagne", "les Bretons de Paris" and "la Pensée bretonne". He exhibited in Lorient, Nantes, at the Salon des Indépendants and the Salon d'Automne in Paris.

Between 1911 and 1914, he returned to spend time once or twice a year in Le Pouldu, Moëlan and Pont-Scorff. He was mobilised for the Great War on 2 August and was hit by a shell and died in Moulin-sous-Touvent (Oise) in October 1915.

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