Emma Herland ( - )

Emma Herland

Emma Herland made her career in Brittany, in the Finistère region, which she discovered when her father, a naval pharmacist, was transferred to Brest.
In 1884, she moved to Concarneau. Around 1920, she left Concarneau to live in Quimper. She became a member of the museum commission in 1914.
Emma discovered and learned painting from Georges-Alexandre Fischer, Benjamin Constant, and Jules Lefebvre during her stay in Paris at the Académie Julian in 1887-1888.
She started at the Salon in 1879 and very quickly managed to make a living from her painting. She exhibited there until 1920.
Specialised in genre painting, her work is characterised by a focus on Breton life, seascapes, costumes and interiors.

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