Lucien-Victor Delpy ( - )

Lucien Victor Delpy

Born in Paris, he studied with Cormon at the Beaux Arts and with Renard and Laurens. He exhibited for the first time at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1922. He discovered Brittany in 1924 and more particularly Concarneau in 1926. It was at this time that his true passion for the sea and its environment was born. In 1927, he won a silver medal at the Salon des Artistes Français. In 1930, he was awarded a prize by the city of Paris. In 1931, he was appointed "Official Painter of the Navy"... This artist collected prizes and medals.

Delpy travelled the world: Algeria, Saigon, Bizerte... But his first love was Brittany, which he never stopped painting: Concarneau, Brest, and finally Lorient, where he settled in 1952 and where he died on 16 June 1967.

At the beginning, he seems to be influenced by Sydney Thompson, he likes his bright palette and his generous paste. Little by little, his own vision, more panoramic, his search for light became clearer. He uses frank contrasts, his writing becomes more nervous. With an acute sense of composition, he quickly grasped the essential groupings on the motif, captured the attitudes and restored life. His palette was enriched, and he expressed with discernment the cold light before the storm or the heat of the East. Very gifted, he sees rightly, goes to the essential with a consummate science of drawing. His vigorous graphics give life and rhythm to the architecture of the canvas. Delpy's successes are astonishingly bold. Nothing revolutionary of course, but a frank and sincere temperament. A painting of very good quality.

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