Eugène Le Roux ( - )

Louis Eugène Le Roux was a Parisian painter and lithographer. He was a pupil of François Édouard Picot at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where he entered in 1851. He was awarded a medal in 1864 and won the 3rd class medal at the 1873 Salon, and 2nd class at the 1875 Salon.

During the Paris Commune, following Gustave Courbet's "appeal to artists" of 7 April 1871, 47 artists wanted to create a federation comprising painters, sculptors, architects, engravers and lithographers. Eugène Le Roux discovered that he was one of the 47 members even though he had not been asked. He resigned in a letter dated April 17, 1871: "It is not when our colleagues are absent, when all the amateurs are far from Paris, that artists can seriously think of freely formulating their constitution or organizing an exhibition. Eugène Le Roux was made a knight of the Legion of Honour in the military category on 7 September 1871, having been a member of the Corps franc des tirailleurs de la Seine.

Eugène Le Roux is present at the Musée d'Orsay with a painting of a newborn child in a Breton interior. From 1861 to 1873, he presented works made in Brittany at various Parisian Salons.

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