Charles Cottet ( - )

Charles Cottet

A student of Alfred Roll, in 1885 he undertook a trip on foot through Brittany. In Douarnenez, he met Gustave Toudouze who introduced him to Camaret, where he shared the life of the fishermen and willingly accompanied them to the islands of Sein and Ouessant. Charles Cottet, along with Lucien Simon and André Dauchez, is one of the artists known as the "Black Band", so named because they express the harshness of Breton life without concession. His work is distinguished by a realism with a dark palette whose often dramatic character finds its home in Brittany.  The power of his portraits and landscapes makes him an outstanding artist. Some of his works are exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and in many museums around the world.

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