Charles-Louis Signoret ( - )

Signoret studied in Paris with a number of highly respected master painters, including Gabriel Ferrier, Jean Paul Laurens and Jules Lefebvre. He received an honorable mention at the Salon des artistes français in 1900, and went on to win the prestigious Prix Ragnecourt-Guyon in 1910, followed by a silver medal in 1914, and finally the coveted gold medal in 1920.

Signoret's paintings bridge the gap between the academic painting of the late 19th century and the modernist art movements of the early 20th century, creating a synergy between rigorous technique and intense emotional content.

His colorful marine scenes and lush landscapes are imbued with a romantic lyricism reminiscent of the Barbizon school. He takes particular pleasure in depicting radiant sunsets over water, rendered through the use of vibrant tones subtly nuanced by the diminishing intensity of the sun's rays.

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