Henri-Alfred Darjou ( - )

Genre painter and draughtsman, born in Paris. His entire artistic education took place under the guidance of his father, Victor Darjou, a portrait painter.

Like his father, he attended Léon Cognet's studio, and began exhibiting at the Salon in 1853. Darjou painted Brittany, where he features prominently in the Musée départemental breton in Quimper with, among others, "Noce bretonne" painted in 1858. Darjou also worked on the Guérande peninsula. His paintings have evocative titles: "Souvenir du bourg de Batz" and "Noces de paludiers".  He also published a collection of drawings in 1859 entitled "Voyage comique et pittoresque en Bretagne", which is not lacking in drollery.

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