René-Jules Lalique ( - )

René Lalique

His creations mainly represent natural elements, animals and female nudes. René Lalique first distinguished himself in the context of Art Nouveau and then Art Deco. A goldsmith, glassmaker and designer, he worked for Cartier, designed jewellery for Sarah Bernhardt and enjoyed great success at the 1900 Paris World Fair.
Relying more on originality of design and quality of workmanship than on the value of the material used, Lalique used, for example, ivory, horn and enamel to create many unique pieces. From the early years of the 20th century, he applied his creativity primarily to glass, first in the art of goldsmithing and then increasingly for commercial purposes, producing a wide variety of pieces and applying a wide variety of techniques. His activity was interrupted during the Second World War, but was taken over by his son Marc in 1946. In 2000, the Swiss entrepreneur Silvio Denz acquired the Lalique glassworks in Wingen-sur-Moder.

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