Louis Caradec ( - )

Painter born in Brest, student of CHARRIOUX. He teaches drawing at the society of emulation of Brest then at the high school of this city from 1874. In 1836, he participated as a lithographer in the illustration of "Voyage dans le Finistère" by Jacques Cambry and "Finistère en 1836" by Émile Souvestre. In 1858 he was the author of an album of traditional Breton costumes offered to Napoleon III during his visit to Brittany. He painted many landscapes and scenes of Breton interiors, but above all many portraits in traditional costumes as well as scenes of manners, markets and festivals. His works show a great quality of execution, a precision in the reproduction of costumes and accessories and the rendering of fabrics. His works are very interesting from an ethnological point of view.

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