Assiettes du cercle du soldat ()

This series was initiated by Mr Bulloz, deputy mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. The municipality wished to produce art china for a charity sale to benefit war works.

The capital's art schools were asked to contribute. More than 220 models were collected. Only 12 designs were selected. Henriot was chosen to produce the plates. The order was placed in December 1916 for delivery on 1 March 1917. At the end of the first exhibition-sale on 8 March, one hundred and ninety-seven pieces were sold.

In view of the success of the event, the town hall decided to hold another exhibition-sale on 30 May. This second edition was honoured by the visit of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Fine Arts. This was followed by purchases from the Carnavalet Museum, the Hôtel de Ville, the War Museum, etc. Five hundred pieces were dispersed this time.

A new edition was published in July 1917, this one with pitchers, vases, fountains and candy dishes for a total of 18 drawings.

On 27 October 1917, a final order was placed with Henriot. America's entry into the conflict offered a new subject for the plate decorations and it was planned to exhibit them in Paris, Washington and New York. A set of thirty-one models on the theme of America will be presented at this exhibition.

In total, eighty-four designs were produced for more than a thousand pieces sold.

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