Georges Renaud ( - )

Born in Paris in 1901. Georges Renaud began his apprenticeship at a very young age with a cabinetmaker in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, then was hired by a sculptor in the rue Léon-Frot, whose workshop he took over when the latter died. Specialised in bronze work, he was responsible for the renovation of the large candelabras on the Alexandre III bridge in Paris.

It was through François Bazin that he joined the HB Grande Maison factory in 1928. Along with René Beauclair, he best illustrates the aesthetic renewal of the Odetta period. He received a gold medal at the 1931 colonial exhibition.

In 1939 Georges Renaud made a series of jugs bearing the effigies of American presidents. After the war and until 1972, he continued to go to Quimper where he explored all aspects of Brittany, its trades, its landscapes, with this very particular relief rendering. In 1961, he created the two figures that still frame the entrance to the HB Henriot faience factory.

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