Émile Gauffriaud ( - )

Georges Émile Gauffriaud is a French painter, engraver, watercolourist and lithographer born in Brest in 1877. He was very successful during his lifetime as a regional artist. He is a well-known figure in the city of Brest. His tall figure, wide-brimmed hat and lavaliered tie are part of the landscape, as he often painted outdoors.

His wife and daughter marketed Gauffriaud's paintings in their art gallery in Le Pouliguen, which is remarkable for its art nouveau décor.

Gauffriaud is not interested in pictorial research, he likes to restore atmospheres, a character, an atmosphere. The artist resolutely chose to paint his country, his sea and his boats. To his favourite subjects should be added a few landscapes, Breton of course, but sometimes also from Limoges. He made several trips to the Côte d'Azur, from which he returned with paintings and watercolours bathed in the light of the South.

When he does not sign with his full name, he uses the abbreviation Goff as his monogram.

Gauffriaud's works are sought after by art lovers and are often disputed when they are sold at auction, as his paintings are full of charm.

He died in 1957, after not painting for almost fourteen years.

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