The pardon of Sainte-Anne-la-Palud

without frame
25.59 in
12.2 in
with frame
36.22 in
25.2 in

Oil on panel, signed lower left and dated 1858. This oil is a preparatory work for his famous first painting presented at the Salon of 1859, now exhibited at the Muma in Le Havre. Our painting can be seen next to the masterpiece, in the same museum.

Boudin discovered Brittany in 1855. He stayed there regularly for three consecutive years. In 1857, he attended the Pardon de Sainte-Anne La Palud, the most important religious festival in the region. That day, he found the theme of his first Salon painting. This painting is an incredible testimony to the life of the time. It marks the end of the artist's years of apprenticeship and his entry into the official art scene.

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