Lampion vase

Painter & ceramic artist
HB Quimper
11.81 in
1 800,00 €

Polychrome stoneware. Circa 1930.

The Odetta period (1925-1936) draws its inspiration from the primitivism that infiltrated all artistic fields in the twenties and fifties. The Celtic origins of the Bretons have always been indicated in their art by decorative signs whose geometry is reminiscent of that found in African and Oceanic art.

For Odetta, HB chose stoneware that was skilfully glazed in dark greys and blues, contrasted with the softness of celadon greens, ivory whites and the luminous brilliance of gold.

To differentiate these works from the classic production, they were produced from 1925 onwards under the brand name ODETTA (Ateliers de l'ODET). Many faience manufacturers resorted to the use of secondary brands to avoid upsetting conservative customers who might be shocked by the novelty of abstract decorations. They called on artists, some of whom were already well known. These include Georges Brisson, Alphonse Chanteau, Louis Garin, René Olichon, Georges Renaud, Paul Fouillen, Abadie Landel... René Beauclair from Toulouse appears to be ODETTA's most prolific decorator.