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Eugène Blot Paris
5.91 in
6.3 in

Bronze with brown patina, circa 1930.

Eugène Blot - Founder and publisher in Paris
This factory, known as Blot et Drouard, initially specialised in "art zinc" (in fact, regula) and produced imitations of bronzes, notably by the sculptors Guillemin and Dumaige. But at the end of the 19th century, Eugène Blot, the founder's son, turned the company into a foundry-publishing business and opened an exhibition gallery at 5 Boulevard de la Madeleine where, in addition to bronzes, one could also find paintings by the great Impressionist painters. We note in particular the admiration of this founder for Camille Claudel, for whom he cast a number of works in limited and numbered editions. Other sculptors who worked with this firm include Constantin Meunier, Hoetger, Jouant and Van der Stratten. After retiring in 1937, Eugène Blot sold the rights to his foundry to Leblanc-Barbedienne.